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Automating your blogging work - simple photomontage

One of the challenges of every blogger is obviously, bringing traffic to the blog, but most bloggers using the “generally accepted” methods for doing that, forget that there are simple, policy-compliant, easy-to-implement, and easy to overlook solutions.

While some of the social media sharing specialists like addit, sharethis, and others, do offer some form of “next article” or “similar stories” widget or popup for wordpress and other CMS-es, it’s quite difficult to implement some of their trinkets in blogger (blogspot) blogs, and if you do get to implement them, they greatly reduce the speed of the blog.

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The Blogger platform, operated by internet giant Google, is actually a quite complete blogging solution, and currently millions of bloggers use it to publish anything from poetry to rants to tech news ans gossip, basically, if any topic is decent and useful, you can probably find a .blogspot blog about that topic.

But even though the userbase is huge, given the fact that blogger is mainly used by non-techie bloggers, some very useful functionalities are missing from the platform, and most often a year or more passes before any user  feedback or feature request gets actually turned into a new blogger function.

And and it’s every blogger’s wish to increase the number of people that usually read the blog’s posts, it’s curious, that it is particularly the subscription mechanisms used by blogger, that are lacking almost any semblance of currentness, the simple “subscribe to posts via atom” links and the very few widgets that can be added to a blogger blog, don’t really qualify.

Feedburner, also operated by google, does have a pretty good subscription management mechanism, but it’s often cumbersome to even link the two together, and the “Click to subscribe” option which opens a popup window in which you’ll have to enter an e-mail address, and confirm a captcha, doesn’t really have too many options, it’s just a popup window activated on a click.

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I always wonder how is it that a perfectly working, useful program with a nice, tidy interface,  made by a small, noname company starts becoming a shiny, error-prone, useless piece of bloatware after big, hotshot companies buy the product or the entire company that used to make it.

Image of skype 7 error

Skype is becoming more and more a shiny piece of error-loaded bloatware

And I wonder why the hell do programmers that work on skype these days do even get paid (I presume, they do get paid), because since Microsoft took the damn thing over, the quality of the entire skype experience just got worse and worse.

What is wrong with these people, seriously, they took a perfectly working program and turned it into a useless piece of good looking crap. Constantly nagging me to update (my latest version was 6.21 something), well, I finally decided to upgrade to version 7. “Newer, better and improved”. Someone should beat the living crap out of the idiots who work on skype and think that if they’ve improved the visual appeal of a program they’ve actually made an improvement.

What the hell is this new trend all over the net with programmers these days (chrome/chromium, flash, firefox, almost all linux version, ANY digital product), they all just make shiny tweaks with regard to the looks here and there, and the products get worse and worse as time goes by ?

Here’s skype’s example : after the upgrade, every third or so click ANYWHERE on the skype interface gives out an error message and the damn “home screen” can’t be turned off.

What the hell is wrong with these people, seriously, where have they learned to program, in the dumpster behind there grandma’s bar where they get wasted on pot every day ? (if they have learned at all)

Very, very sad…

I guess it’s just the result of the fact that people like Marissa Mayer and Steve Ballmer only hire people with astounding resumes who have no clue how to continue the work done on skype before them, work done by people who didn’t have these assholes degrees but instead had KNOWLEDGE and KNOW-HOW.


Yahoo mail is inaccessible from Firefox, because of it’s invalid/expired security certificate.

Very nice, yahoo, keep up this path and you’ll end up with a worse version of your mail service then you had 10 years ago…. Oh, wait, it’s already worse !

Yahoo mail's security certificate is expired

Yahoo mail’s security certificate is expired


(Click on the image for a higher resolution)

Screenshot was taken on Saturday, January 10, 2015, the time is visible in the screenshot



TL;dr : check these, if you think your customer’s pc is clogged ;

Some of the regular challenges of being an IT support person are listening to heavy cursing, accepting some foul language from your customer knowing that it’s directed towards “that damn machine” and not you, and from time to time, cleaning a PC that has more dust and spiderweb in it, then your grandfather’s shack in the woods :)

So, when the “computer won’t work”… you might want to check inside the case to see if some of things you’ll see in the pictures here, don’t also apply to your case :)

I doubt that any computer or laptop will work well with a clogged heatsink and / or a clogged cooler as these in the pictures, for that matter.

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