Goodbye, Google Adsense, it’s no longer worth it.

When I received approval for the Google Adsense program back in 2007, I thought I have become a part of the club of the elite bloggers, or at least a part of some select club. And you know what ? For a while, it actually was a select club. Having your blog approved for monetisation with google adsense, did mean something, it meant your blog is good, your content is useful, and your blog’s weight and worth was great. Today, after ten years of monetisation with adsense on several blogs, I made the decision to remove all adsense code from my blogs. Do you want to know why? Then read on. Read more

Free diff / text comparison utility

TL;DR: FREE diff utility. An online tool that helps you more easily recognise the differences between two similar texts.Or any two texts for that matter

Free online diff utility - quickly assess differences between texts
Free online diff utility – quickly assess differences between texts

Here’s a neat “diff” utility for making quick assessments of where two texts differ.

How is this useful ? Well, for starters, if you are an affiliate, or use paypal, or moneybookers, or amazon… oh, wait, ANY online service, the providers might send you notifications from time to time, in which they show you LENGTHY paragraphs with already complex, legal expressions and terms, that make understanding the terms and conditions even harder. And if you receive just a few of those in the same day… your eyes will hurt if you have to go through a bunch of e-mails just to see what has changed in which provider’s terms.

If you’re an affiliate, the notifications about changed terms and conditions every advertiser, or the networks themselves will send out from time to time, again, will be time consuming to check for differences without a tool like this. So this tool will save you tons of time, and make your life a lot easier.

Simply copy the two texts and paste them into boxes 1 and 2 respectively, and click on “Check differences”.

The differences will be shown almost instantly, with intelligently colored boxes, red being the color of the paragraphs that have been present in the first text, but are no longer there in the second one (or they have been changed), green will be the color of the paragraphs that are new in the text (haven’t been included in the first text, but they are present in the second one), and black on white remains the color of the boxes that have text parts that have not been changed.

You don’t need to reload the page to clear the boxes and do another checking, just click on “Clear the boxes” button instead.

Give this little tool a try, and if you like it, do share this post with your friends. Let me know if you have anything to say about it, in the comments on this post.



EasySlider tutorial – how to create a slider and add it to a page in wordpress

A customer of mine has asked me on fiverr how she can create posts from sliders and add it to her pages, so instead of just writing a post about it, I created a small how-to video and uploaded it to youtube.

Here’s the clip, it could be useful for someone else, too, not just to my customer

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Why I am disgusted with Yoast’s SEO plugin

Caution: this is A RANT !

Image of dislike for Yoast's SEO pluginI’m both a blogger and a freelancer, and I write articles both for myself and my customers from time-to-time. And from time-to-time, I am faced with the inability to write compelling, in-depth, well-written and meaningful articles, because my customers or friends expect me to write those articles in accordance with Yoast’s SEO plugin’s READABILITY score. This readability test/analysis in that plugin simply pisses me off, and for good reason. Read on to find out why I find Yoast’s readability tests disgusting.

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If your booking system is stuck at loading

If your booking system is stuck at loading

Example of booking system (dopbsp) plugin stuck at loading
Image no. 1. Example of booking system (dopbsp) plugin stuck at loading

There are quite a large number of websites based on wordpress that use dotonpaper’s booking system or booking pro plugin, just in my experience as a freelancer, I’ve seen over 50 sites that use it, some of them for travel booking and hotel lodging, others for cleaning services, because from many points of view, the plugin is very easy to use and configure, and it even has (had ?)  a free version.

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Trick to use against idiots who try to hack your site

TL:DR version: some examples of how some lifewaster hacker-wannabes try to gain unauthorised access to sites and blogs and how you can simply and effectively block them

Obviously, some people have too much time on their hands, and don’t appreciate life enough in order to do something useful with theirs, so they spend hours and days trying to hack into other people’s servers, websites, and webapps. How do I know this ? Well, this year only, I’ve found and filtered out over 300 IP addresses and user agents, behavioral patterns and 404s (not found messages) in the logs of THIS SITE ALONE (I manage several sites and blogs, both for myself and coworkers and some companies, all on different servers), that have all indicated that some idiots spend hours a day trying to hack into wordpress, joomla, and other CMS (content-management system) based sites.

Some of the IP addresses clearly indicate that they do have some serious resources at their disposal, like hacking attacks coming from, a company or hosting service with several thousands of IP addresses, or, again, with several hundreds of IPs at their disposal. Some of the log entries (see some examples below) clearly indicate that they either have no clue how a webserver actually operates, or they base their attacks on outdated information from 10 years ago, when hacking into a server was possible simply by knowing what components the CMS has and looking for ones that can be exploited via SQL injections or concurrent command executions.

Obviously, almost all major CMS engines are constantly being improved, and security flaws are consistently being patched by all well-known platforms, however, it looks like some of these life-wasters and hacker wannabes haven’t found out about that and try EVERY DAY the same tactict, the same M.O (modus operandi), on THE SAME SITE, in some cases from the same IP address. Now if that is not a good example of insanity, I don’t know what is 🙂

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