Another “nice one” from yahoo – expired security certificate !

Yahoo mail is inaccessible from Firefox, because of it’s invalid/expired security certificate.

Very nice, yahoo, keep up this path and you’ll end up with a worse version of your mail service then you had 10 years ago…. Oh, wait, it’s already worse !

Yahoo mail's security certificate is expired
Yahoo mail’s security certificate is expired


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Screenshot was taken on Saturday, January 10, 2015, the time is visible in the screenshot


How to make firefox portable the default browser

How to make firefox portable the default browser

[ TL;DR: solution to set firefox portable as the default html handler ]

Firefox Portable, and portable apps in general are great, but when it comes to setting firefox portable as the default html handler, or default internet protocol handler, the creators still haven’t found an integrated, in-app solution for doing that.

Sure, you can click on the “Make firefox the default browser” button, once you’ve loaded firefox portable, but that won’t actually set firefox portable as your default internet protocol handler, but instead, set the firefox app inside your portable firefox’s \App\ folder as the handler, which is not ok.

In other words, it’s not easy to make firefox portable the default browser on a windows system.

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Collection of Firefox memory and config tweaks to make FF a lot faster

UPDATE: See at the end of the article !

I’ve been a Firefox user since its first versions, way back, when the norm for a pretty good computer was a CPU at around 900 mhz and a 20GB HDD was considered huge (around here, in Eastern Europe, most technologies get adopted a bit later 🙂 ).

In the beginning, it was a fast, responsive, snappy browser, that made me and my customers some of its happiest users. I used to recommend it to anyone with an internet connection, and I used to replace all browsers – except opera – with FF, that is, until this stupid mentality of constant updates, ever decreasing performance, and less and less usability was adopted by its developers.

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Import chrome/chromium passwords into firefox

There are at least 1.980.000 results on google alone, if you search for the phrase “import chrome passwords into firefox”, or “export chrome passwords into firefox”, “export chromium passwords to firefox” or something similar.

Yet, after parsing meticulously through at least 30..40 pages/URL found in the search result pages, and having done that time and time again over the past two or three years, I still couldn’t find a simple, workable solution that would allow virtually anyone to export the passwords from Google Chrome or Chromium browsers, and then, simply import them in firefox.

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