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Goodbye, miss Mayer and Yahoo, looking forward to Altaba ?!

According to several online news sources, the Yahoo-Verizon deal is a closed one, and Yahoo is no longer a standalone company, but part of the much larger Verizon family. Former CEO Marissa Mayer, who’s poor judgement and lack of actual understanding of technology brought Yahoo close to annihilation, has also stepped down from her leadership […]

Why I am disgusted with Yoast’s SEO plugin


Caution: this is A RANT ! I’m both a blogger and a freelancer, and I write articles both for myself and my customers from time-to-time. And from time-to-time, I am faced with the inability to write compelling, in-depth, well-written and meaningful articles, because my customers or friends expect me to write those articles in accordance […]

When the customer says “that damn computer just won’t work”

TL;dr : check these, if you think your customer’s pc is clogged ; Some of the regular challenges of being an IT support person are listening to heavy cursing, accepting some foul language from your customer knowing that it’s directed towards “that damn machine” and not you, and from time to time, cleaning a PC […]

To me, linkedin always was, and still is a disappointment

When I discovered Linkedin a few years ago, I was very excited thinking that I’ve discovered a great network of potentially like-minded professionals, from whom I could learn, with whom I could cooperate, build, share, essentially, grow both as a human being and as a blogger and an IT professional. I already had more then […]

Paypal error – is paypal becoming just another untrusted site ?

I see that it’s a trend to do facelifts on sites that otherwise were perfectly functional, but haven’t changed in their outlook for a while, and it’s a trend to make changes for the mere sake of making changes, even if those changes break functionality. Yahoo, gmail, even operating systems and desktops like Ubuntu, and […]