Paypal error – is paypal becoming just another untrusted site ?

I see that it’s a trend to do facelifts on sites that otherwise were perfectly functional, but haven’t changed in their outlook for a while, and it’s a trend to make changes for the mere sake of making changes, even if those changes break functionality.

Paypal - errors on site !
The new paypal site design broke it’s functionality. Shame !

Yahoo, gmail, even operating systems and desktops like Ubuntu, and Gnome, have destroyed something that was perfectly functional the way it was, to please some idiotic idea according to which everything needs to be changed from time to time.


We all know how yahoo’s endeavor turned out, everybody and their grandmother that used to be a loyal yahoo fan, now simply hates it. The same goes for the new gnome3, unity with ubuntu, and the list could go on and on…

But today, PAYPAL (! damn, I seriously thought they are taking their jobs more seriously) – is redirecting  TO A NONEXISTENT PAGE ????

What the hell is wrong with you people, programmers, webdesigners, whatever you may be, why on earth do you have to implement stupid facelift changes, that break functionality ? Couldn’t you just leave everything the way it was, that is… FULLY FUNCTIONAL ?

NOT very inspiring, not trustworthy anymore !

See the image, and you’ll understand. internal server error – error 500

Sometimes even the “big boys” of the internet world have errors in their services, sites, etc.

Here’s a proof: trying to access a link from, which was sent to me in an e-mail to confirm a subscription to some ezine,  their site showed me an internal server error. internal server error

I’m not debating whether it’s a customer’s error, maybe the site that sent me this link, did something to it, modified it, or maybe their system messed up some code 🙂

NOT very convincing 🙂


Twitter offline from Romania, possibly elsewhere

Looks like for some unknown reason Twitter and redirector are offline if you are trying to access it from Romania, and possibly some other places – see the pictures below – but is online if you access it from…. well, “the right” places.

Talk about equality, and no boundaries on the internet, and all that stuff, huh ? Twitter offline screenshot

Anyone had the same issue at the same time ?

22:30 EET / GMT+3, sept 12th, 2013

Blogcatalog errors and total disrespect from its staff ?

Although blogcatalog is a pretty well known platform by the blogging comunities around the world, I’ve had the misfortune to be blocked from registering, and I also had the misfortune to be treated as if I was transparent, by its staff, not receiving at least a negative answer to my support or help request.

Here’s the thing. This domain is pretty new, and might look awkward in the “eyes” of some algorithms that try to detect on certain signup forms whether a URL or e-mail address you typed, is a “legitimate” one or not. And blogcatalog, just like some other online venues, – probably – thinks that a .gq domain is not valid.

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What are Yahoo!’s programmers trying to prove ?

I am apphaled by the amount of fake sofistication and fake high level of intelligence and security-awareness sometimes some online service providers are trying to prove they have !

Yahoo thinks a password created by cpanel's password generator is weak

Today, while trying to change my yahoo password on one of my accounts, I was met several times with the message that my password is either invalid, or simply too weak. Now, I would completely understand it, if it was about some passwords like “god”, “123456789”, or similar, but that’s not my case at all.

Here are some of the passwords yahoo thinks are too weak :





And these are INVALID:


Surely either the algorithm detecting what is valid and what is not, is awfully badly designed, or, somebody on the programming team should be kicked in the butt !


Approximately 40 minutes after posting a tweet to @YahooMail on twitter, looks like they’ve been very prompt and fixed the error !

Is there a reward for finding bugs in HUGE companies’s services ?


/end update

Open source – a solution or a problem ?

The greatest error any software engineer, programmer,  builder, coder can commit, is to create a software in such a way, that it would make other programmers become useless, or his or her own self, loose their job, because they would no longer be needed,  just like the great majority of CMS platforms strives to make their software so damn good, they want to make the mere existence of professionals working in auxiliary and related fields, obsolete.

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