Goodbye, Google Adsense, it’s no longer worth it.

When I received approval for the Google Adsense program back in 2007, I thought I have become a part of the club of the elite bloggers, or at least a part of some select club. And you know what ? For a while, it actually was a select club. Having your blog approved for monetisation with google adsense, did mean something, it meant your blog is good, your content is useful, and your blog’s weight and worth was great. Today, after ten years of monetisation with adsense on several blogs, I made the decision to remove all adsense code from my blogs. Do you want to know why? Then read on. Read more

Why I am disgusted with Yoast’s SEO plugin

Caution: this is A RANT !

Image of dislike for Yoast's SEO pluginI’m both a blogger and a freelancer, and I write articles both for myself and my customers from time-to-time. And from time-to-time, I am faced with the inability to write compelling, in-depth, well-written and meaningful articles, because my customers or friends expect me to write those articles in accordance with Yoast’s SEO plugin’s READABILITY score. This readability test/analysis in that plugin simply pisses me off, and for good reason. Read on to find out why I find Yoast’s readability tests disgusting.

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The anti-efficiency paradigm

The anti-efficiency paradigm

You might think that with all this technology around us, that not only makes our lives easier, but supposedly makes us more comfortable, human society (I won’t dare call it a civilisation, until it becomes one) at large has become more efficient in whatever goals it’s pursuing, but the truth is, that if we compare the simplicity and efficiency of some of the programs and ways of interacting with computers from just 10 years ago, with the programs and ways of interacting of today, the programs and workmodes of ten years ago, beat ALL of todays programs and workflows, methodologies, no exception !

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Skype is becoming a useless, shiny bloatware

I always wonder how is it that a perfectly working, useful program with a nice, tidy interface,  made by a small, noname company starts becoming a shiny, error-prone, useless piece of bloatware after big, hotshot companies buy the product or the entire company that used to make it.

Image of skype 7 error
Skype is becoming more and more a shiny piece of error-loaded bloatware

And I wonder why the hell do programmers that work on skype these days do even get paid (I presume, they do get paid), because since Microsoft took the damn thing over, the quality of the entire skype experience just got worse and worse.

What is wrong with these people, seriously, they took a perfectly working program and turned it into a useless piece of good looking crap. Constantly nagging me to update (my latest version was 6.21 something), well, I finally decided to upgrade to version 7. “Newer, better and improved”. Someone should beat the living crap out of the idiots who work on skype and think that if they’ve improved the visual appeal of a program they’ve actually made an improvement.

What the hell is this new trend all over the net with programmers these days (chrome/chromium, flash, firefox, almost all linux version, ANY digital product), they all just make shiny tweaks with regard to the looks here and there, and the products get worse and worse as time goes by ?

Here’s skype’s example : after the upgrade, every third or so click ANYWHERE on the skype interface gives out an error message and the damn “home screen” can’t be turned off.

What the hell is wrong with these people, seriously, where have they learned to program, in the dumpster behind there grandma’s bar where they get wasted on pot every day ? (if they have learned at all)

Very, very sad…

I guess it’s just the result of the fact that people like Marissa Mayer and Steve Ballmer only hire people with astounding resumes who have no clue how to continue the work done on skype before them, work done by people who didn’t have these assholes degrees but instead had KNOWLEDGE and KNOW-HOW.


Another “nice one” from yahoo – expired security certificate !

Yahoo mail is inaccessible from Firefox, because of it’s invalid/expired security certificate.

Very nice, yahoo, keep up this path and you’ll end up with a worse version of your mail service then you had 10 years ago…. Oh, wait, it’s already worse !

Yahoo mail's security certificate is expired
Yahoo mail’s security certificate is expired


(Click on the image for a higher resolution)

Screenshot was taken on Saturday, January 10, 2015, the time is visible in the screenshot


To me, linkedin always was, and still is a disappointment

When I discovered Linkedin a few years ago, I was very excited thinking that I’ve discovered a great network of potentially like-minded professionals, from whom I could learn, with whom I could cooperate, build, share, essentially, grow both as a human being and as a blogger and an IT professional. I already had more then two decades experience in IT, and several years of blogging behind me, but since the environment in my country of residence is not exactly a friendly one to those who desire to make it on their own, being an (ex?-)communist country and part of the big former soviet communist block… I was hoping I’ll find more occidental, more pragmatically-minded, more evolved people on Linkedin.

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