How to install Prestashop on mysql 5.7 or newer

TL;DR version: here’s how you can solve the Prestashop installation error “SQL error on query Invalid default value for ‘last_connection_date'”.

A part of the Prestahop 1.6 Installation Assistant
A part of the Prestahop 1.6 Installation Assistant

If you are installing a Prestashop CMS for your e-commerce needs on a server that is configured with a mysql backend with version numbers 5.7, or any of its newer versions, you might get stuck at 12% of the installation screen, and get an error message that says something like “SQL error on query Invalid default value for ‘last_connection_date'” . This error simply means that the version of Prestashop that you are trying to install, used to handle some database management tasks differently, then the current mysql server expects it.

Most importantly, in the newer versions of the mysql server, beginning with version 5.6, some stricter data validation and field validation defaults have been implemented. And because of those “new rules”, some older php/mysql based software, and some CMS-es like Prestashop, will fail to install.

To circumvent these defaults, you can either temporarily, or permanently modify the way the mysql server loads on your system (if you have access to the “my.cnf” on Linux, usually located at /etc/mysql/my.cnf, or “my.ini” on Windows systems).

Open a simple text-editor in terminal (on Linux) or notepad if you are on Windows, and open your “my.cnf” or “my.ini” file. Add the configuration directive that will REMOVE the strict defaults enforcement.


If you already have blocks/sections in your config file, sections like [mysql] or  [mysqld], add it to [mysqld].

If your file is the default one, it will probably be almost empty, and end with 2 lines beginning with



Add these two lines then, before the !includedir directives:



Save the file. Restart your mysql server. (service mysql restart from a terminal, if you are on a Linux box, and the Restart Mysql button if you are on a Wamp server on Windows).

Retry the installation by clicking on the “click here to restart” link in the Prestashop installation screen.

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Disallow visitors with adblockers to see your content

After following a very interesting thread on google plus with regard to people using adblockers while visiting sites on the internet, I’ve realised that so many people simply don’t understand that some of us actually make a living, as humble as it may be, by displaying ads on our sites.

And according to some of the comments there, visiting a site that uses ads to support the site owner’s work while using adblockers to get their content, but not the ads on their sites, to be displayed in your browsers, is THEFT at best, and I completely agree with it.

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How to make firefox portable the default browser

How to make firefox portable the default browser

[ TL;DR: solution to set firefox portable as the default html handler ]

Firefox Portable, and portable apps in general are great, but when it comes to setting firefox portable as the default html handler, or default internet protocol handler, the creators still haven’t found an integrated, in-app solution for doing that.

Sure, you can click on the “Make firefox the default browser” button, once you’ve loaded firefox portable, but that won’t actually set firefox portable as your default internet protocol handler, but instead, set the firefox app inside your portable firefox’s \App\ folder as the handler, which is not ok.

In other words, it’s not easy to make firefox portable the default browser on a windows system.

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My laptop is overheating quickly: tips and tricks for better thermal management

My laptop is overheating quickly: tips and tricks for better thermal management

[ TL;DR: Tips and tricks for better thermal management on laptops, to avoid overheating ]

Some laptops and notebook/netbook computers have a much better thermal management then others, some are silent and cool better, others make a lot of noise and yet, sometimes overheat. Most people think that in most of the cases in which a laptop overheats, it’s got to be either a fault in the mainboard’s electronic circuitry, or there’s an outdated fan, a clogged heatsink to blame.

While I don’t rule out any of these perceived causes to a laptop overheating, especially IBM T43 (2668 models) and some Acer and some Asus models, I’ve learned over the years some pretty simple tricks, some DOs and DON’Ts that if applied, can make a huge difference in a laptop’s thermal management, and can make or break a system. So, after seeing that on most threads on several forums discussing laptop’s thermal management, the simple tricks that I describe here are not even mentioned, instead of writing bits and pieces in the respective threads, on those forums, I thought it’s better to write a post about it. So, if my laptop is overheating, here’s some tips and tricks for better thermal management I’d check for.

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Collection of Firefox memory and config tweaks to make FF a lot faster

UPDATE: See at the end of the article !

I’ve been a Firefox user since its first versions, way back, when the norm for a pretty good computer was a CPU at around 900 mhz and a 20GB HDD was considered huge (around here, in Eastern Europe, most technologies get adopted a bit later 🙂 ).

In the beginning, it was a fast, responsive, snappy browser, that made me and my customers some of its happiest users. I used to recommend it to anyone with an internet connection, and I used to replace all browsers – except opera – with FF, that is, until this stupid mentality of constant updates, ever decreasing performance, and less and less usability was adopted by its developers.

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Windows Script Host Access disabled  – a good error message ?

Windows Script Host Access disabled – a good error message ?

If you find yourself in the situation of closing down a windows computer with an Os that had no errors before shutdown, but on the next reboot or next login into your user account, you discover an error message like this one in the screenshot, don’t worry, sometimes, the fact that this error message appeared, might actually mean, that you’ve been saved a lot of headache by the person or the software which deactivated or uninstalled the windows scripting host on your computer 🙂
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