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How to install Prestashop on mysql 5.7 or newer


TL;DR version: here’s how you can solve the Prestashop installation error “SQL error on query Invalid default value for ‘last_connection_date’”. If you are installing a Prestashop CMS for your e-commerce needs on a server that is configured with a mysql backend with version numbers 5.7, or any of its newer versions, you might get stuck […]

Disallow visitors with adblockers to see your content

After following a very interesting thread on google plus with regard to people using adblockers while visiting sites on the internet, I’ve realised that so many people simply don’t understand that some of us actually make a living, as humble as it may be, by displaying ads on our sites. And according to some of […]

How to make firefox portable the default browser

[ TL;DR: solution to set firefox portable as the default html handler ] Firefox Portable, and portable apps in general are great, but when it comes to setting firefox portable as the default html handler, or default internet protocol handler, the creators still haven’t found an integrated, in-app solution for doing that. Sure, you can […]

My laptop is overheating quickly: tips and tricks for better thermal management

[ TL;DR: Tips and tricks for better thermal management on laptops, to avoid overheating ] Some laptops and notebook/netbook computers have a much better thermal management then others, some are silent and cool better, others make a lot of noise and yet, sometimes overheat. Most people think that in most of the cases in which […]

Collection of Firefox memory and config tweaks to make FF a lot faster

UPDATE: See at the end of the article ! I’ve been a Firefox user since its first versions, way back, when the norm for a pretty good computer was a CPU at around 900 mhz and a 20GB HDD was considered huge (around here, in Eastern Europe, most technologies get adopted a bit later 🙂 […]

Windows Script Host Access disabled – a good error message ?

If you find yourself in the situation of closing down a windows computer with an Os that had no errors before shutdown, but on the next reboot or next login into your user account, you discover an error message like this one in the screenshot, don’t worry, sometimes, the fact that this error message appeared, […]