Another “nice one” from yahoo – expired security certificate !

Yahoo mail is inaccessible from Firefox, because of it’s invalid/expired security certificate.

Very nice, yahoo, keep up this path and you’ll end up with a worse version of your mail service then you had 10 years ago…. Oh, wait, it’s already worse !

Yahoo mail's security certificate is expired
Yahoo mail’s security certificate is expired


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Screenshot was taken on Saturday, January 10, 2015, the time is visible in the screenshot


Closing other services may affect yahoo mail ?

Has closing several of its services  started to adversely affect Yahoo mail ?

I wonder if the reorganising and closing of several services that is going on at Yahoo, is affecting the stability of its mail services, or it really is, as they just say, a temporary error.

I’ve seen this error several times last week, I took a screenshot, anyone has any idea what this is about ?

The supposed help page link on the error message that appears, leads to anything but relevant information, I wonder if someone else has any clues as to how to fix this ?

Experiencing technical difficulties or maybe the closing of several of its services, has started adversely affecting Yahoo mail ?

Yahoo mail servers over capacity ?

Is this even for real ? Maybe the new yahoo leadership including Marissa Mayer should spend less time on publicising themselves on social media and other venues, and instead focus more on upgrading some servers ? Yahoo mail servers are over capacity. And what’s with the stupid graphic ? Is yahoo operated nowadays by children and/or senile people ? Who could come up with such a stupid graphic on a public e-mail service’s out-of-order page ?

Yahoo mail servers over capacity ?
Yahoo mail servers over capacity ?

Revert to older version of Yahoo Mail

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of unhappy Yahoo Mail users who believe that the new interface forcefully implemented and forced on users by Yahoo, is much more of a hinderence in the way of accomplishing anything meaningful via e-mail, then an improvement, you’ve probably tried to change how the interface looks, googled about it, complained about it in the forums, to no avail.

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